A CBN Grinding Wheel Dissected

A cubic boron nitride or CBN grinding wheel makes use of the unique properties of CBN in order to precision-cut various materials that are considered extremely hard. Along with diamond wheels, CBN wheels are known as superabrasive products since they are used in applications where regular grinding wheels may not prove as effective, such as precision cutting of tool and die steel, stainless steel and other kinds of hardened alloy steel or superalloys.

The sturdy, synthetically manufactured compound, like diamonds, is an extremely hard substance. CBN is made by exposing hexagonal boron nitride to high temperatures, in a manner similar to how synthetic diamonds are made using graphite. Companies commonly use this super-hard material as a substitute for diamonds in abrasive tools and other heavy industrial equipment.

Unlike diamond, at high temperatures CBN is insoluble in iron, nickel and related alloys. The precious gem, by contrast, is soluble in these metals, and its use to cut them results in the formation of carbides, which is dull and ever ruin a grinding tool prematurely.

It is evident that cubic boron nitride is a very durable substance that has true usefulness as an abrasive tool. Many of today's grinding and cutting tools that utilize CBN are precisely built instruments. They have been very carefully balanced and ground in order to give optimum performance. A CBN grinding wheel, like other precision instruments, needs to be maintained and prepared properly before and after use, in order for its users to get the most out of it.

Source by Jack M Patterson
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