Cordless Saws – Make a Project Go Quicker

The extension cord, while bringing power to where it is needed, still has its limitations when it comes to distance and power delivery. The longer an extension cord is, the lower the amount of voltage that gets to the outlet, and this is especially true when stringing a few cords together to reach where the power is needed. Cordless saws and drills deliver full power anywhere without the aggravation of running cords all over the place.

Cordless saws are extremely useful because they can be used in areas where a regular corded saw may not fit. Their blades are typically 3 ½” in diameter, which allows them to fit in tight areas. While they may not cut as deep as a standard saw, the average cordless version can handle virtually any cutting job.

There are multiple blade types available for the saws that allow them to cut wood or metal, as well as special blades for cutting stainless steel, ceramic tile, and aluminum. Similar to the blades for a larger saw, the wood blades may be re-sharpened to extend their life. The metal cutting blades are a carbide compound that will wear down after use and need to be replaced rather than being re-sharpened.

By eliminating cords, the cordless saws aid in lowering trip hazards in the work area. This allows users to concentrate on the job rather than worrying if they are going to trip on something or if the cord is going to be long enough to get to the job site. There is nothing worse the running cords to discover that you are two feet short of where the cut needs to be made.

Cordless saws and drills can make life quite a bit easier when it comes to getting to and completing a job that may not provide easy access to power. These saws and all the different blade types may be found by going online and doing a detailed search. The right version for home or work can be found, along with the accessories needed to efficiently do the job.

Source by Chris Smitts
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