Cricut Expression – Express Your Creativity

The Cricut Expression is one of the strongest lines of products under Cricut. Sponsoring some of the most creative ideas in paper crafting designs, Cricut Expression is able to turn amateur hands into that of a professional's. A lot of people are thrilled about the line simply because of the extra cutting machines that allow brilliant designs to be done in just a few minutes. With the Cricut Expression cutting machine, consumers are also able to make use of a lot of cartridges to embellish the designs of their greeting cards as well as their scrapbooks.

Unlike the original Cricut Expression machine that was released just a few years ago, the new machine released by the same line and brand features a lot more options that will definitely keep you wanting more. The ordinary cutting machine provided by Cricut is also very sensitive when using thick paper. With the Cricut Expression cutter, you can now make use of vinyl or cardboard in order to get the most unique cutout pieces for your paper crafts. It will now be able to cut through any thick-sized paper without you having to worry about whether or not your machine will make the cut. The machine comes with a built-in LCD screen, allowing you to command the activities of the cutter. Should you need specific dimensions or shapes for your cutout, you can specifically instruct the machine to do just that for you.

Highly recommended by a lot of experts, the cutting machine also allows you to make use of several design options including Mix 'n Match as well as Auto Fill. You will now be able to flip the directions of your cutouts and also manage the fitting requirements. With a specific center point already established in the machine, you will now save the time of having to measure your cutout and directing your paper towards the blade area. For those who are fearful that the machine will not work in the absence of a computer, you can put your anxieties aside.

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