Decorated Glass

Glass is has been used for almost 4000 years for various purposes like shielding without blocking views and in many ways of decorating places and things. The beauty of the glass is further enhanced with colors and patterns, which also plays a role in creating an opaque barrier.

Decorated glass has found its way into the homes, kitchens and bathrooms in the form of windows and partitions. They are also used for various decorative purposes as in lamps and chandeliers, show pieces, cutlery, crockery, tableware and even jewelry. They are also used for various craft projects and assists in creating gift giving options. Interior designers are now coming up with unique designs and various options to work with the glass and colors. Above all, maintenance of glass partitions and decorations are minimal, except for their brittle nature.

Splashes of colors all over the glass panel can add a dash of unique designs. However, most people go for them decorated glass for their homes, or simply a variety of pictures across the panes. One can choose among the eight standard colors available for decorating the glass, like emerald green, light blue, ruby ​​red, amethyst purple, goldenrod, dark blue, topaz purple and garnet magenta. Custom colors can be obtained by mixing the standard colors in various proportions.

Designer glass blocks are available in the market. These are pre-designed or custom-made using an exclusive glass fusion process. Specialized color glass is fused to a glass block to create a unique decorative glass piece. This ensures that the designs can not be scraped off. The designs range from exclusive designers' creations to simple patterns or cartoons.

Glass stones are used in variety of colors and glued to the glass blocks using heat or by drilling. This kind of decoration can be used along with a well-placed lighting system or for threading purposes in the Christmas decorations. Hot glue gun can be used for this purpose.

The decorated glass is getting popular because of their unique designs and also stylish looks. Since they require minimum maintenance, they are preferred over other materials.

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