Getting Started in Stained Glass – Step 1

If you're interested in getting started with stained glass. The first thing you need to do is to turn what the budget is that you want to spend. A good cutting tool should be your top priority. A good cutting tool is essential for any stained glass project. You can cut some costs if someone can donate their old cutters to you, but even if you need to go out and purchase some stained glass cutters they are usually a pretty reasonable price. I would start by getting a glass cutter instead of using a big industrial glass cutter. Start out with the old tried and true glass cutter with an oil reservoir. This great tool will be a cheap alternative to the big and expensive cutters on the market. Ok, besides the cutter and oil reservoir, you'll also need grozing pliers, breaking pliers cutting oil, and possibly some stained glass to test out your cutting. This can all be picked up at a arts and crafts store either online or offline. It is very cruel that you wear safety goggles when cutting glass. You may think its overkill, its always better to be safe when cutting glass.

Glass cutters do not work by actually cutting surface, they make a very fine score that begins the break. Getting a good score is key to getting a very clean break. I think the basic cutter with a straight shaft and oil reservoir is a good option. One example would be the models that are made by Fletcher. The oil keeps the wheel turning smoothly and ensures a clean cut .. This is essential to getting a good cut. Always ensure your cutting oil is right next to you so you can keep your cutter in pristine shape.

An important tip when scoring your stained glass is to keep the same glass cutter perpendicular to the glass. Tilting it back and forth will generally not make for clean of a score. When you push the cutter for make sure the apply a decent amount of force. In case you're wondering, you can move the cutter forward or back when scoring, that is all preference. Its very vital that you only score each spot once, do not score twice. This can cause problems to your wheel and the cutter, and you definitely do not want to damage a tool that you just spent good money on .. When you are all done scoring. The break the glass, grip the side you will throw away with the breaking pliers and grip onto the opposite side with the grozing pliers. Do not try to bend the stained glass into breaking, but more you want to try to pull the glass away from each other.

This first step is essential to you becoming a great stained glass artist. Just remember to keep practicing and it will get easier and easier. Make sure you keep the band-aid's close by!

Source by David Roth
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