Glass Tile Backsplashes – This Can Make a Huge Difference in a Kitchen

Glass tile backsplashes have become very popular today. They can now be seen in most showrooms. Glass tiles are used not only as borders in bathrooms, but in kitchens as well. They can look awesome as a full wall in a bathroom or kitchen. Glass tiles are usually more money but if you get the right color combinations and design layout, it can compliment your kitchen and really make it pop.

Glass tiles normally come in sheets of 300mm x 300 mm or 12 inches x 12 inches. These tile sheets have a mesh backing to make it easier to cut to size and install. The homeowner must decide if they want a glass border in the backsplash, or have it all glass tile. You should definitely make sure to see the full sheet of tile before deciding on doing full height tile. As the expression goes "Less is generally more," when it comes to color and detail in a small space.

Glass tiles can be bought from Soho Studio Corp and many other places. You can go online for more information. On their website, you will see all kinds of designs. The longer pieces of glass in the sample give it a little more contemporary look. It is best practice to not have the countertop and backsplash looking busy. When you use glass tiles in a backsplash it is best to have a mostly solid color countertop.

With glass tile backsplashes, while there is more grout, it is usually easy to clean. Try not to use harsh chemicals like bleach when cleaning the backsplash. They may temporarily clean it but over time will dry out the grout, allowing grease and dirt to go deeper. Using bleach / Clorox will strip the granite's shiny seal, so be careful. If the granite looses its shine and seal, it becomes porous and you will see staining which unless you are very lucky is not removable.

Installing glass tile backsplashes yourself is not difficult . This can save time and money, as well as the disruption, of having strangers coming into your home. You could do a dry run first to see if you will need any tile cutters. By this I mean placing the tile in position, without glue, to see if any cuts need to be made. If you need a tile cutter it is possible to rent one. It does not have to be anything fancy and they are very inexpensive to buy. There is information on Do-It-Yourself projects, like this, online to guide you.

Source by Billy Coen
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