Making Fused Glass Pendant Jewelry

For many years fused glass has been explored in arts and crafts. It has been developed into numerous other types of items, for example, home decor, plates, bowls, and various types of jewelry. If jewelry making is your passion, you may want to make fused glass pendants by using your artistic ability.

Get these materials and tools:

– Kiln
– Glass in sheets in your choice of colors
– Glass cutter
– Glass cutter oil
– Glue
– Wire
– Bails
– Nippers
– Breaking pliers
– Running pliers

Using a glass cutter and nippers, cut sheets of glass into the desired shapes. Put the shapes together in a design you like with glue to hold them together for a little while. Keep it still for a bit.

Place your newly painted design in the kiln. Keep going back and checking your work periodically until you get the desired effect. The temperature of the kiln affects the design outcome. To get a 3D effect on the fused glass use a lower heat. A beautiful, smooth finish is produced at high temperatures as the glass expands and contracts together.

Gradually lower the temperature of the kiln once you have achieved the desired look, allowing the fused glass to slowly cool down and then you can safely take the piece out. Removing it immediately from the kiln will result in cracking.

After you have designed your pendant, the last step is creating a link with which to attach it to a necklace. There are many options available to you regarding this. You can get the bails at the place you bought the glass. By utilizing running and breaking pliers you can twist the wire into a chain link. If you have steady hands and a knack for fixing things, you can use a soldering gun to attach chain links onto your necklace pendants. Precious metal clay is another material you can use. It’s an excellent choice for framing your pendant because it is so easy to shape.

Making a fused glass pendant is as easy as that! However, I have provided a few tips for you to use to partner along with it.

– Look for the glass with the same coefficient thermal expansion (COE). Doing so will solidify proper fusing and result in quality fused glass merchandise.

– If you search for approachable art centers that have a glass studio, you may be able to rent their equipment. This allows you to use but not necessarily by the needed equipment initially. They can offer suggestions on how to go about fusing glass. Another advantage in doing this is the fact that you can purchase supplies through the studio and get a lower price for bulk purchases.

Many companies have glass pre-cut, to make it easier for you. Lastly put on a little dichroic glass to highlight your pendants. Dichroic glass is very pricey, but a few glass companies have some pieces of it for sale.

You should feel free to be creative with your jewelry. Set new trends for fused glass pendant merchandise!

Source by Renata Lavlor
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