Skin Tag Removal At Your Home

A skin tag is a small piece of hanging flesh which is ugly and unattractive to say the least. There are many different methods to remove them with skin tag removal at home being one of the most popular choices for most people.

If you are looking at removing them in the comfort of your own home, there are lots of different products and methods that will allow you to do it quickly and easily. One method that lots of people use is they simply cut it off. The pull it away from the skin and cut it off with a pair of sterilized clippers or scissors.

This method is quick and relativity painless, but a downside to this method is, there is lots of blood that can be shed and its highly likely that they will return in a few short months.

One other popular method of skin tag removal at home is tying the it up with a piece of dental floss. This method is a little tricky to do on your own, so another pair of hands will come in very handy if you are deciding to take this route. This method works by starving it of blood, which normally allows it to die and fall off. This method will take a minimum of a few days and you do not get instance results which you get with the cutting off method.

These are just two skin tag removal at home methods, there are many more. But most of them have the common disadvantage of leaving scars and not giving you permanent results. If you are looking for safe, natural and permanent removal results, then click on the links below to find out why this method is rated the number one method on the internet for quick and easy removal of these ugly little things in the comfort of your own home.

Source by Mike F McNulty
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