Stained Glass Cutter 101 – Which Stained Glass Cutter Should You Get?

Stained glass kits are an awesome way to tap into your inner artist. But they do not work so good if you do not have a good stained glass cutter.

Here are some tips for choosing a glass cutter, for any budget, to help you make good accurate cuts in this burgeoning art form.

Option No.1: Pen-Shaped

For those on a budget pen shaped glass cutters are the best way to go. (Their cost is about 10-20 dollars.)

Perhaps the biggest downside to these is how they feel. For those with older hands, like me, these can be a tad difficult. (Basically if writing with a pen cramps your hand, then this kind of cutter might be a little tough.)

Pros / Cheap, very portable.
Cons / Not the easiest to grip, Can be somewhat imprecise with cuts.

Option No.2: Pull Out Your Pistol

The next standard in cutters is the pistol-shaped version. Most folks who are hard-core artsits in this field will use a cutter of this kind. The feel is great and your cuts can be really precise.

But these cutters are not ultra cheap. Coming in at a pricetag of 20-40 dollars this can be a bit more than most people want to spend.

Pros / super ergonomic; good cutting ability.
Cons / Not as cheap as a pen shape.

Option No.3: Step Into the Circle

When it comes to finding the highest quality glass cutter nothing beats a circle glass cutter. What are these? Cutters that operate on a swivel mount which you mount on your desk. There's no easie way to use a glass cutter.

Of course you have to pay some extra money for the convenience. And they also are a bit big and bulky. So they are not super ideal for taking over to your friend's house to work on some glass.

Pros / Excellent cutting; easy and simple to operate.

Cons / Not portable; spendy.

Source by Machelle Firth
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