Kitchen Conversion Chart Magnet and Magnetic Fridge Freezer Shelf Life Guide for Cooking

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Whether you can use fridge for storaging foods in right ways?
Do you know what kind of foods can not be storaged in fridges?
Which foods need to be storaged in cold or frozen?
How long could food be in fridge or freezer?
Are you still worry about lacking of ingredient and having no idea of its alternatives?
Are you still worry about the unit conversion of food?
Keep it! You will become perfect cooking master and success man in daily life!

Fridge is not only the “cupboard” for storaging foods. It has not only areas for different foods but different temperature areas.
If you put things in the wrong places, it may leads to food losing, more electricity fees even the desire of cooking at home.
Package you food in the container firmly and put them in order. This is helpful for utilizing storage spaces in possible and saving electricity fees.
Put foods according to fridge pastes and they will have more shelf time.

Product Specification:
Conversion Chart Size: 10.6 X 6.3 inches.
Shelf life Guide size: 7.8 X 5.9 inches.
Printing: color printing
Display form: text + color pattern
Color: as shown in the figure

Package contains:
1 x kitchen conversion chart
1 x fridge/freezer shelf life guide

Matters Needing Attention:
1.The product is high-strength soft magnetic and can only be used on iron products. If you want to use it on other materials, please match the glue or double-sided stickers.
2.100% customer satisfaction guaranteed! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will solve all your inner problems!

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