Werner 6205 300-Pound Duty Rating Type IA Fiberglass Stepladder

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Designed for heavy-duty industrial use, Werner 6200 Series Fiberglass Stepladders are duty rated at 300 pounds. They are ideal for commercial jobsites and maintenance professionals, as well as for residential users. Constructed of fiberglass rails, aluminum steps, aluminum step braces, and plastic EDGE bracing, these ladders are designed for the jobsite, and their functionality will help increase productivity. Each 6200 Series Fiberglass Stepladder features a HolsterTop that includes holes and a parts tray for holding commonly used tools. So whether you use your ladder every day or every week, you can depend on the 6200 Series Fiberglass Stepladder to provide a sturdy and safe work surface.

Type IA Stepladders
All Werner 6200 Fiberglass Stepladders have a Type IA duty rating, which means the load capacity is 300 pounds (combined weight of user and materials). Additionally, all 6200 Series stepladders feature slip-resistant Traction-Tred steps that are double riveted and braced for a safe climb and descent.

Each 6200 Series stepladder features slip-resistant, non-marring feet. Also, a full set of rear horizontals (including two that are knee braced) are spaced one per step.

HolsterTop is ToolLasso Ready
Each 6200 Series stepladder features a plastic HolsterTop that will safely hold a gallon or quart of paint, cordless drill, fasteners, or hand tools. The HolsterTop is designed for Lock-In accessories like the ToolLasso and JobBucket. These types of accessories allow you to safely hang tools or hold work materials to increase your work surface and decrease the number of times you’re up and down the ladder, which increases productivity.

EDGE Braces, Backup Plates, and Heavy-Duty Rivets for Durability
6200 Series Fiberglass Stepladders feature EDGE (Energy Diffusing Geometry) braces at their bases. These molded braces provide enhanced strength and increased protection against damage during use and transport.

Shoulder bolts and nuts connect each ladder top to the rear rail, and the hardware is reinforced with metal back-up plates. Four rivets attach the top to each front rail, and all rivets on the 6200 Series stepladders are backed up by metal plates or washers to protect the fiberglass.

Safe for Use around Electricity
Because Werner 6200 Series stepladders are made with fiberglass rails, the rails are electrically non-conductive and are safer to use around electricity than aluminum ladders. These reliable stepladders will ensure safe and secure footing on your next job.

About Werner: The Pros’ Choice
Werner, the most trusted name in ladders, is preferred by pros more than any other brand. For over 60 years, pros have looked to Werner to supply their climbing equipment needs. Werner manufactures a full line of safe, professional-grade products for any job, and it builds its ladders to withstand even the most challenging tasks–that’s why Werner ladders are found on more jobsites than any other brand.

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